Worldwide Travel Adventures

An Adventure within everyone’s reach

Of course, one person’s adventure can be another’s stroll in the park (be that the local one or Yellowstone!)

Escorted Tours

We aim to find the right adventure for you. Escorted tour operators such as Riviera, Titan, Newmarket, Travelsphere and Saga, make it possible to travel to the most adventurous destinations within the security of a group of like-minded people and with an expert guide. We also work with leading adventure holiday companies such as Exodus, Ramblers and Wildfoot so we are able to send you to the most adventurous places on earth Antarctica to Borneo.

Small Group Tours

Visit the tourist sites before the crowds, find that ideal place for the special photo and the authentic restaurant that serves great value, delicious food. If you are new to group travel why not choose a small group tour with no more twenty people. Silver Fern Holidays have fantastic trips to New Zealand, Cox and Kings have unforgettable experiences worldwide and Exodus have family adventures, trekking and cycling trips across the globe.

Tailor-made tours

We tailor-make itineraries for our clients with the help of leading destination experts such as Veloso for South America, African Pride for Africa, Inside Japan for Asia and First Class for Canada or we can design a very personal worldwide itinerary just for you.

If you wish to visit New Zealand, look no further. Our separate tour operation is one of the leading experts in organising holidays to New Zealand. Make an appointment to plan your worldwide holiday in our unique Kiwi lounge.